Dr. Michael Maixner

To those who are interested in the missional ministry of Paul and Loring Hammond, let me give you my evaluation from personal experience.

I have known Paul for over forty years. I have observed his continual passionate pursuit of an ever increasing relationship with the Lord Jesus. In these forty years I have witnessed him stumbling but getting up and moving forward. I have heard him teach and preach. In those endeavors he has been more than prepared not merely with knowledge but with wisdom and spiritual understanding that is evidenced of the anointing on his life. He above all is a worshiper who truly praises God in spirit and truth.

Paul and Loring have traveled with me to Russia and Honduras. On these occasions they have been so helpful and truly seek to be used by the Lord to touch the people. Our traveling was mostly to the villages, but did minister in some very large communities. Loring traveled with me to Honduras without Paul on one occasion. She has a sensitivity to the atmosphere of a place. She has demonstrated the ability to love and encourage people, whoever they may be.

I wholeheartedly endorse Paul and Loring Hammond in their missionary work. I declare abundant favor of God to be upon them

Alive for His glory and pleasure
Dr. Michael G. Maixner